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Being depressed without being diagnosed.
A lot of young kids say they are depressed but this is a better term for them to use.
bsf: Are you okay??
other girl: No..
bsf: You’ve been like this for a while, what’s up?
other girl: I’m Semi-depressed..
by TheLadyOfFlatness May 16, 2020
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when someone says they're depressed, without actual evidence or diagnose to back that claim up. mostly suffered by 13-14 year olds who listen to Billy Eilish. even though someone does not have a diagnosis, that does not mean everything is alright. if they have no problems at all than it is fake depressed. semi depressed is more a way of saying that a person has problems, but not actual depression
Linda: omg Billy Eilish's music is so sad! i'm depressed now because i don't have any other hobby's due to my insecurity and so i only listen to sad music.

Bert: no Linda, your just semi depressed, come and sit down to talk if you want anything out.
by samyfietsen June 30, 2020
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