One who assigned attributes or positions to oneself and then believes one has them. A Self-Styled person will decide that s/he is something without any real proof of such and expect others to accept it.

When someone is described as 'Self-Styled' it usually indicates that they are not actually what they consider themselves.
DJ. Jon MacDeeboy was a Self-Styled 'Controversial Rapper'. Although his lyrics seemed very conventional.
by Dabetts June 9, 2011
People who kick ICP fans asses
self styled psycos kicked his ICP loving redneck ass
by cait sith November 8, 2003
The elite urban guerilla band whose members terrorize Juggalos and destroy their property.
"Damn, I hope those Self-Styled Psychos don't attack me cuz of this ICP sticker on my mom's mini-van."
by pusilanomous September 11, 2003