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Used to describe a person who self congratulates infront of a group of others in the hopes he will raise his social ranking. In most cases, the self pat is detected and the social ranking of the individual may decrease due to their arogant behaviour.
A self patter is described as someone sends an email to a group of coworkers saying, "Hi guys, I just spent the past two hours working out the bugs in our SQL database; it was really really difficult. Rest assured, i've fixed the issue."

Someone in the chain of emails may detect the self patting and send a snarky response email saying, "way to go man!". In this case, the social value of the individual may be descreased and a "bwah" will follow, (see "bwah"). Someone may also mock them with the presentation of a "way to go man" aka "wayty" award.

If the self patting is cleverly disguised, the social value of the individual may be increased.
by BMWM3 August 06, 2010
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