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When a female is overly obsessed and/or attracted to themselves. This is damaging physically and mentally... they spend most of their time in their rooms either touching themselves or kissing themselves.

Kms is also an acronym for -Kissing myself


Kys is used as an insult towards a self lesbian also an acronym meaning -Kiss yourself

I would advise to never and I mean EVER say "kys" to a self lesbian or they will most likely go bat shit crazy on you.
Selbian (self lesbian) is an actual mental illness

Symptoms icclude but are not limited to--
•constant need to kiss self
•obsession with masturbation

•selfie obsession

•talking to self

•looking in mirror constantly

•complimenting of ones self

Selbians also tend to involuntary say "kms" constantly
If you or someone you know seems to have any of these symptoms then please, get them help right away. Or it can lead to other mental illnesses.

Thank you~~
Bria: Kms kms kms kms kms

Silver: stop kissing yourself and get into a real relationship... selbians are so disgusting.
Nikki: *sigh* that selbian again...

Silver and Nikki: kys kys FUCKIN SELBIAN

Voca: what's wrong with her???

Nikki: oh she's just a self lesbian...
by Howwy Skut|| TOASTER December 22, 2016
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