self-determination is often seen as a moral and legal right that every nation is entitled to a sovereign territorial state, and that every specifically identifiable population should choose which state it belongs to, often by plebiscite. It is commonly used to justify the aspirations of an ethnic group that self-identifies as a nation toward forming an independent sovereign state, but it equally grants the right to reject sovereignty and join a larger multi-ethnic state.
Self determination gave rise to decolonization/independence movements in Asia and Africa. Resource
by jumil August 19, 2007
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The ability for a nation or people to decide their own sovereign status. This ability is granted to nations only when the United States determines that it has nothing to gain or too much to lose by invading and/or instilling a coup. Subject to change at any time.
Did you see the thing about Australia?

Yeah, yeah. It's such a shame when a country gets its self determination revoked.

Crazy, isn't it? And not even a month after they found that massive oil deposit.
by not a badger April 3, 2018
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