This is quite literal. Its is when someone says or does something which results in them 'Owning' themselves.
Tungesh: (24/7/08)Hey guys, Look the A8 just came out. OMG
Nicolas: Lol Tungesh, its the R8 not the A8 (1st ownage) & also the R8 isnt new
Justin:.... It came out like 2 years ago
Colin: Thats a great discovery Tungesh, have u informed AUDI??

by AdnanC July 24, 2008
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Same as above, added related words
Darwinian awards are full of self-ownage
by DarkDuskX December 30, 2005
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When you do something utterly stupid you aren't even aware of, in a situation where your preferences are very much out of place.
<+Quakeulf> Onderhond: It's an universal rule that CS, trance and bimbo-porn fits together in a holy triangle
<Hamilton> Quake, so? you're friends, my cousin listens to rap and plays CS, me, I listen to R&B
<+Quakeulf> They're all equally as awful
<~Onderhond> Hamilton ...
<+Quakeulf> Self-ownage
by Quakeulf May 17, 2004
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