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From the Greek "selen-" which indicates the moon and the Latin "-quir-" meaning to search/seek, a Selenquiry is typically a spiritual quest for knowledge which coincides with lunar activity. Usually these quests involve rites which last for one lunar cycle.

Selenquiries can be meant to seek internal truth (i.e. "soul searching"), or external truth, or both. Selenquiries are generally very personal rituals, often devised by the person going through them in order to create a specific spiritual outcome.
"Hey, what do you think of this song, Dave?" asked Bob, passing his earbuds over.

"Sorry, Bob, I'm conducting a Selenquiry right now. Part of it involves choosing to abstain from listening to music," Dave replied.

"Why's that?" Bob asked.

"I find that music has a significant impact on my frame of mind, and I think I've been letting it get too deep into my soul. I want to rediscover who I really am without that kind of influence over me," Dave summarized.

"I see," said Bob. "When will this Selenquiry be over?"

"Next week on Wednesday," Dave said. His ritual would end on the new moon.
by Bob Spirit February 13, 2013
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