Selective Illiteracy Syndrome is a serious mental/moral impairment which afflicts individuals who disagree with something but do not examine the presented evidence in support of what they differ with -not because they can’t read- they habitually choose to NOT honestly read out of an irrational paralysing fear that those they disagree with just might be right!

Usually employed by contrarians, internet atheists, trolls and the lazy.
C: You said you wanted proof for my position. Here is all the verifiable evidence that I could find.

A: You're still wrong!

C: How exactly?

A:, reasons.

C: You never read it did you? And I suppose you never intend to either, simply because you don't WANT it to be true!. So...How long have you been suffering from Selective Illiteracy Syndrome?
by WHY?Outreach December 10, 2019
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