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The act of propagating an agenda within a public facility such as a school, of a specific spiritual/religious book, or other aspects of it such as a bible, while staff would ignore sonething like The Koran, or even The Book Of The Law, and The Satanic Bible. This could also go for a Parochial school within Christendom, that would ban specifically forbid one having a Koran, maybe even more so than a Gnostic Book or bible.
Biology Instructor: Hey, Alison, I will need to confiscate your Bible. Alison: What.. why, I have all my work done, and another student has a mini Koran? Biology Instructor: It's against the Code of Conduct now, and it's a war waging book. Alison: Now that is Selective Communism!
by Jay Leo April 25, 2015
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