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Very negative person. thinks shes better than everyone. eats way too much! which means shes a very fat person. exaggerates her own personal experiences for example SEX. thinks she is a attractive person when in reality she is not.
You've been acting like a Sekaya lately.
by zgam October 21, 2010
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A name used to describe someone who is both amazingly beautiful and wonderfully talented. The name means Water Carrier in some cultures, full of laughter in others, and Intelligent. Extremely intelligent and wise before her time. Loves deeply. The personality of an earth angel. Sekaya’s are extremely rare, having only come across one in my entire life, and should you happen upon one I strongly advise you to take very good care of her and give it lots of love and attention. She will continue to bloom into a beautiful woman and a credit to both you and humanity reaching the highest level of infinite awesomeness and power and passion.
Kaya is often used as a nickname for these people. These people tend to have multiple names with multiple positive meanings.
“Sekaya is such a beautiful name.”
“Sekaya is a lady.”
“Sekaya is such a rich, beautiful and powerful lady with beautiful manners.”
“Sekaya is a good mother!”
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by Alhamdulilah May 30, 2018
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Boys name. Derived from swahili word "Kaya" meaning home or homestead.Also a derivative of the popular Shona name which means laughter "Sekai"
Swahili: This boy if from our Kaya he is Sekaya. He is full of laughter.
sekai, sekayi, sekaya sekaia
by Teteh January 08, 2015
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