Basically its about taking the ones you love and living every day without ever getting into fights about stupid shit. We don't live forever, you gotta make the days you have with them last.
Keep those you love close, and seize the day.
by PmRm August 15, 2008
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A clever, yet classy way of telling someone that you gave a blowjob. Can be said in public and on social networks with no shame and no suspicion. If you really want to be inconspicuous, you can even simply say "carpe diem" while encouraging someone to do it.

Derives from the obvious acronym "S the D", i.e. "suck the dick"
Girl 1: How was that party last night?! Did anything interesting happen?
Girl 2: Yeaa I seized the day!
Girl 1: YOU GO GIRL!

Girl 1: I don't know if should hook up with him or not! Should I do it?
Girl 2: Yes do it!! Carpe diem!
Girl 1: You're right! I have to seize the day!

Guy 1: Dude did she seize the day?!
Guy 2: Hell yes she did!
Guy 1: YOO MY MANN *bro hug*

by Roccstar October 10, 2012
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