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A last name or a nick name of an individual who does not know when to quit. A social climber who is not having any success, who also has a tendency to label everything.

He is...That guy...also know as the most Uninteresting Man in the world, or the spokes person for Uno Equis.
Situation: Looking for an office item in an area of major familiarity

Seiders: Can I help you with that? I mean I've been here for 3 months and you've been here for three years but I know things around here a bit better

Me: No, I'm good, I got it.

Seiders: Are you sure? Are you looking for a stapler or folder? Do you need help with the printer/copier at all?

Me: Dude, seriously...I'm good...
by antsthatfarmforknowledge February 15, 2012
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