Short for Sacriston, AKA Smackriston. Segga is where the hard lads roam in their tracksuits and their perms and live the sesh life. Also a place to settle your beef and have a scrap in your uniform after school.

Also, if you're over the age of 18 and living in Segga then you're almost guaranteed to be asked "Can ya go in the shop for is' for a pack of tabs and a bottle of Lambrini?" by a group of Year 9s.
Person 1: "Eh, what you say to me ya daft cunt?!"
Person 2: "The fuck are you on about, I didn't say shit!"
Person 1: "You won't be talking when ya come down Segga and I fuckin' spin-kick ya lips off ya daft cunt!"
Person 2: "Howay then, right after school tomorra. Ya gonna get fuckin' jumped!"
by Segga April 2, 2020
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