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A girl that knows it all. She has all the attention and her LIFE is by far amazing and always will be. She's the girl that will have a BRIGHT and SUCCESSFUL future , she has it HER way and doesn't let anything get to her. She's a caring person that CARES about only her family and herself, always has a way to solve things, she has haters, but it's all because of her personality and her looks! She knows how to look good on bad days and knows how to put everything together, she's a styling girl, everyone WANTS to be her. She's an honest most beautiful girl you will ever see. She has a NICE body and always watches her WEIGHT, knows how to stay healthy and will always have EVERYTHING she WANTS and NEEDS. She's sexy and has the MOST gorgeous eyes. She often has BROWN eyes! She's just so perfect that you will have to stare at her and just ADMIRE her. She's the finest! She's SEFIKA!
Megan: She's so pretty, who is she?
Helen: That's Sefika, she's gorgeous I know.
Megan: WOW! I want to become her friend.
Helen: Me Too! Let's go talk to her (:
by AmericanNameDescriber November 13, 2010
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