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Aging Yuppies & Hipsters seeping into broad society. Struggling with the reality of being grown up, in a bonded-pair relationship, and having their first child. Also known as a GRUP: a grown up Yuppie or Hipster.

The normalized sociological transition from Young Adult to Suburban Bonded-pair Parents, has been delayed from historic trends. People are getting married at older ages and the percentage of married couples is on a significant decline. A significant percentage of the populous have delayed the migration to home ownership and creation of family units.
The primary contributor to this trend is likely due to the poor economic condition from 2007 to 2016, greatly restricting the ability
San Ramon is seeing an increase of Seepsters moving in from San Francisco.

This place has a Seepster feel about it. I am feeling real old about now
by CarizmaGuy November 03, 2016
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