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It is a given name for an individual, usually male, who is a rather silent and conservative person. This name is also that which can be given to modern day knights, who still practice chivalry, if they feel their given name does not fit. This name is meant for those who are able to conceal their emotions easily and also be able to read others emotions and intentions through the way they act. a person with this name emanates kindness and Intelligence, although it is common for males with this name to fall in love with their best female friends, even if it would be a hopeless relationship. the thing that matters most to this person is friendship and relationships, meaning that this person is very loyal.
on occasion people with this name are considered to be wolf-like.
guy one: have you met sedrian?
guy two: no, i can't say that i have.
guy one: really? he's a nice guy, i thought you might be friends with him.
guy two: cool, i guess.
by someone who won't be named April 30, 2013
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