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Sedona Syndrome is a physical condition in which a belly dancer has uncontrollably large movements while dancing, walking, and even general interaction. This syndrome often involves large kicks that replace small steps as well as emphasized upper chest movements. Sedona Syndrome originated in Lancaster, CA where Sedona, the belly dancer, began her career in dance. Loved by many and passed down to students, this syndrome may (and most commonly) cause your performance to be more exciting, energetic, and enthusiastic. Sedona Syndrome is highly contagious, although not harmful to your dance career.

Suggested remedy for attempting to contract Sedona Syndrome is to rub, touch, kiss, or borrow the costume of another dancer with Sedona Syndrome. Within one to two weeks, are sure to come down with this syndrome. We recommend that you settle in and enjoy!
Wow, that move was over the top! You must have Sedona Syndrome.
by TribalBellyDancer January 05, 2010
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