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A medical condition characterised by Arnold's triad of diarrhoea, palpitations and anxiety. It is seasonal disorder typically more prevalent in the months April-May.

The classical presentation is of a young man with Type 1 Skin, dysarthria, short stature and cachexia.

Management is essentially prophylactic, with long term library attendance shown to be effective in controlling the symptoms. Currently an ongoing trial is comparing the effacy of HDL v MBSL (Heath Duthie Library vs Main Building Science Library). Self administration of Bolus OnExamination has revolutionised the management of the most severe complication of Seddon Syndrome, status examicus.

The disease characteristically follows a chronic, relapsing course. Acute exacerbations are often followed by a recovery phase where they may be excessive drinking and increased promiscuity. Status ladicus has been reported (Case report, Mumby et al 2010). It is believed that this may confer an evolutionary advantage and result in the propogation of the syndrome.

Alligator T, Nosher J, West M. 2011. Seddon Syndrome. Badgers Medical Journal (BMJ) 34(7) pp. 666
I haven't seen Tommy for a while, I hope his Seddon syndrome hasn't flared up.
by therealalligator May 19, 2011
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