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1) A place where anything can go that has an undetermined future (in reality) such as; fasion, IQ, taste, trends, baldness, memory, personality, stolen objects, ideas, thoughts, stories, urban legends, hair styles, etc.
2) A place where undesireables can stay resident, but inactive; resultng in a "safe place" for the intended purpose.
1) Dude, if you want to seriously get on that chick, you need to toss your vaginal fears into the Secluntris Anunjula.
2) In order to become totaly resident in the technology, you need to forego your deepest mind-scape and search for the Secluntris Anunjula.
3) In order to be truly happy, you must be willing to travel through the nucleus of the Secluntris Anunjula.
by Vincent Vourz August 01, 2004
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