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This private school is home to many from a variety of backgrounds. Most people think that the students here live in a bubble but check out their controversial SPU postsecret FB page and you might be persuaded otherwise

This school is well known for their nursing, education, business and music programs, along with many others

The Falcon sports teams are occasionally successful, at least the ones that they can keep up, which does not include football

The ratio here is well known to be 3:1 girls to guy which is fortunate for any guy, and every girl's worst nightmare. The ratio causes big headed guys, who come to expect the ladies to chase them down. The dress code is unspoken, a product of the ratio and never varies. Only the classiest for the girls at SPU
"Hipster" is the style that everyone at SPU gets converted to

Not everyone here is a rich kid, even Emersonians

6th West Ashton is home to the Orange Men, the male spirit crew at SPU

Gwinn is the only dining hall and is exceptionally great for most of Freshman year but shortly after, gets quite boring

There are only 4 dorm buildings, each with their own distinct personality, but are all community oriented

SPU has many opportunities for religious events, and activities including Wed. night worship, Urban Involvement weekly service, and SPRINT international program
"Let's apply to Seattle Pacific University, since the people there are so great!"
"You seem different, oh now you're an Seattle Pacific University guy…"
by SPU-er November 26, 2011
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