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1. A group of gods who for unknown reasons assumed human forms and started playing 3 on 3 hockey in the Canlan Youth League in early 2007. The Seaspankers are best noted for inventing and perfecting bar downs, toe drags, and the art of making pregnant women have miscarriages during their games. Legend has it that the Seaspankers will change into new leagues as time dictates, but cannot disappear in accordance with the First Law of Thermodynamics which states: Seaspankers cannot be created or destroyed, but can only change forms.
2. God's older, and considerably more powerful, brothers.
3. People who play a sport with careless disregard for rules, sportsmanship, or the appropriate times to take exaggerated dives.
Man... what was that? That was a... a..." "I don't know man... I just..." "Could it have been?" "No!" "Seaspankers..." "So the legends were true...
by shenanegoat September 10, 2010
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