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The goal of the Seasoned Salt Challenge is to snort a tablespoon of seasoned salt faster than your opponent can shotgun a Coors Light. Ultimately, you cannot win this challenge. It is the equivalent to spraying mace up your nose for 10 seconds. The spices in the seasoning will destroy your nasal cavity, causing your eyes to force themselves shut (aside from a torrent of tears escaping) and your face to feel like someone dumped an entire colony of African Fire Ants onto it. You are guaranteed to cry for 20 minutes and sneeze for the next 2 hours. The after effects of this challenge are still felt days later. It is said to be one of the most unnatural highs a human should never experience.

Bonus points are awarded for having sex with someone the same night you complete the Seasoned Salt Challenge.
"Hey man, did you see Nick snort that tablespoon of seasoned salt?"

"Yes! I can't believe he did that. The best part is, no one told him to snort it. He did it of his own free will."

"He must like to party, I've never seen someone do the Seasoned Salt Challenge, I thought it was a myth!"
by tdsteveaustin May 10, 2010
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