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Sea·son·al Dread \ˈsē-zən-əl 'dred\

1. Feelings of hopelessness, personal lament, or melancholy that are directly related to long durations of unfavorable weather patterns or temperature.

2. Feeling listlessness and bored after being stuck inside a house throughout a Minnesota winter with nothing to do except play Jenga by yourself.

3. Hatred of mother nature for the unfortunate tundra region you live in.
1. Billy was overcome by a feeling of seasonal dread as he looked out the window and realized the empty wasteland that was his backyard would be covered with 2-feet of snow another 4 months.

2. The snow yetti was filled with an overwhelming sense of seasonal dread upon the realization that all his Perrenials were not planted below the frost line.
by scanner_obscura February 09, 2011
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