A condition hipsters invented to explain why they are grumpy
Hey man, cool tribal tattoo. How come Joe didn't ride his fixed gear bike into to the coffee shop today? He must be really suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder.
by rorgy January 26, 2012
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when a certain seasonal has dragged on too long and you become sluggish and you lose motivation to do anything.
man, winter is WAY too long. i don't feel like doing anything...even masturbating. it's quite sad that i have S.A.D.
by onlyonetime March 5, 2004
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That feeling of inexplicable sadness you get when a TV series or book series ends.
'You haven't been out all week, what's wrong with you??' 'Sorry, Game of Thrones ended last week and I feel like part of me has died' 'oh, you have season-end affective disorder (SAD), I've been there'
by Josee July 13, 2015
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