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Seaside PJC 752 also know as Seaside Project Crips is a gang that was formed by Los Angeles Crips based in the Del Monte Manor on Yosemite Street. Crip gangs branched off of PJC due to conflict within the gang. Seaside MOB or SiccSide MOB was formed and soon Seaside FAM gang was formed with the word "FAM" standing for "Fuck All Mob". Throughout the 90's, Seaside was a war zone with the "FAM vs. MOB" conflict. There was a truce in 1998 but it only lasted up to the year of 2000 which caused more Crip-on-Crip violence in the Community and more Crip gangs forming. Hilltop Project Crips and Darwin Street Crips known as D-blocc were subsets of FAM. The violence between the FAM and MOB soon came to an end. A big wave of Mexican immigrants swarmed all over Seaside and soon there was a set of Seaside Norteños which rivals are mostly younger members from the MOB know as Hunnit World MOB or Hunnid World which rivals are also Salinas Cabrillo Street MOB Crips.
Seaside PJC which means Project Crip is the original Crip gang in Monterey County formed in the 1980's.
by MontereyCounty831 January 30, 2016
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