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The best porn you will see if you are a furry
Mom i be there I a sec I'm watching seasalt .
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by Seasalt December 23, 2016
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when a kid is so salty that he is not only mad but screams higher than 80 decibels directly into the mic giving people a BLOODY EAR
the kid was so sea salty after getting noscoped he screamed into the mic and was kicked
we will never hear from him again
by vazbeanashare July 23, 2016
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(also spelled C-salt): saltiness, microaggressions, anger, or hate towards minorities rooted in fear of helping with or losing white caucasian privilege.
1. the mob of angry protestors looked like giant pillars of sea salt as they violently destroyed the city of Charlottesville while harming civilians and anti-protestors.

2. the principal of a Kansas elementary school had so much sea salt in his mouth that he wouldn't allow the man's daughter to be admitted into his school. then the principal threw sea salt at the man and his daughter until they left the school. the man brought his concerns to the court with his family and luckily the judges didn't eat as much sea salt that morning.

3. the salty sea man barricaded himself in a Las Vegas hotel room and shot giant pellets of sea salt at harmless, multi-cultural civilians in a nearby concert.

4. captain sea salt made fun of a Puerto Rican hurricane tragedy by giving sea salt candy wrappers to the island for relief.
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by ebsaiyan October 19, 2017
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