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1. Salty-surrender, Deepest-sea-meditation, swimming out beyond the break until you are out of breath and merely a speck floating in BLuE.
Taking one deep breath of surrender...filling your lungs with the awareness that the giant pulsing-wonderous-sea could swallow you whole...
and then taking a second breath of awe and gratitude because it didn't.

Seaprayer is:
2. Dancing with the seahorses, screaming all that is maddening and limiting and stifling into bubbles, and laying all that leaves you heavy on the seafloor, and singing thank-you to the light-beams and fish-song.

3. Diving into the deep and for a moment being taken closer to conception...closer to the womb....until finally feeling life swell with all its fullness in your lungs
as it buoys you back to the wake...
where you lay arms wide on the top of gods-blanket
and feel the sublime pulse through you...
and you make your way back to shore...renewed...
and madly deeply in love.
She spent 3 hours deep in seaprayer....and returned back to the world renewed.
by the farmgirl December 31, 2010
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