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Someone who wants to be a drug addict but is not. He will often lie to you and tell you that he's done a lot of drugs such as oxycontin to make himself look good. He is very good at faking high. He will most likely be trying to get with other girls whil you're dating him. Will often use the word "bro" and make it sound like "bra". He is also obsessed with the hells angels and his dad. He never showers and smells disgusting. He is often seen wearing the same outfit, and a Led Zepplin sweatshirt. He looks very funny when he runs. He is obsessed with the movie Dazed and Confused and will talk about it constantly when you talk to him. He also claims to know Lynard Skynard which we all know is a lie because, what else does Sean do?
"Yo, Seanlavelle walked into spanish today and was fine when the teacher talked to him but then he came up to me and was like yo brahhhh i'm so hiiiiiigh!"
Something Sean Lavelle would say - "kate i can't find my bed"
by Michelle Contempo January 22, 2008
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