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The most amazing guy in the entire world. Can be an ass but definitely makes up for it later and just has you cracking up. You can never be mad at this guy.. he is just.. well not the serious type until it comes to his girl. Is very smart, but does not like to show it. HAS to act gay when he is around his friends... and may actually be gay.. JK. Only when he is around a MATT or a CHRIS. Sean... is a hard worker at times, but would rather spend his day in bed with his girl. Cleaning, is not really his thing but will do it if he has to. Sean Michael's normally have a huge dick and are good with it. Another thing about Sean Michael's are liquor.... most of them get very angry! Just hide it from them if you have it because they love it. Sean Michael's are definitely the bestest friend you could have... BUT DEFINITELY RETARDED!!!! Gotta love them SEXY Sean Michael's
Girl 1:See that guy right there.. he is Sean Michael!
Girl 2: Sean Michael
Girl 1: Yeah.. a.k.a he is perfect!!!
Girl 2: All Sean Michael's are perfect?
Girl 1: YEAHH!!! duh, it said so on
by littlebit28734 November 02, 2010
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A gay homo who loves wrestling naked with man and also wrestles with his latent homosexuality. He can act masculine but you can tell he's a complete homo when his pissed off.
Sean Michaels read this and turned red.
by makem say UGGH NAHH NAHH September 25, 2010
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