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The 'crème de la crème' of piss taking - A hugely rewarding hobby of a group of people who have an unquenching urge to bark down lesbian crabs with overly sized claws(who's near non-existant brain power is erased by their consistent sniffing of K)

The only acceptable time to kick someone when they are already down, or group up against said Lesbo Crabs, who have little to no humerous comebacks to the vast array of verbal assault they receive on a regular basis.

The constant rinsing of the dictionary definition of an absolute tool
Here we go again lads, Sean bashing time ... Have you seen that spaz Crab on having a fit by the fridge... He's now staggering over towards Ross' pictures on the wall... Right someone get a leash for this flid before he breaks something
by The Big Dogg!!! September 14, 2010
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