A modified vegan who also eats seafood. Distinguished from a pescetarian in that they do not eat eggs or dairy.
Yo...do we have any vegans coming to the BBQ?

No...I think they are all seagans now so as long as you aren't using butter on the shrimp kabobs we are cool.
by Mike..... November 26, 2007
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A pescetarian is an umbrella term for someone who incorporates some seafood (ie: shellfish, finned-fish) into a diet that is otherwise vegetarian or vegan.

A seagan-pescetarian (or simply “Seagan”) is a pescetarian who eats sustainable seafood but will abstain from eating all other animal products (ex: honey, eggs, dairy etc). Seagan is a portmanteau of seafood & vegan. This neologism was popularized in 2016 by cookbook authors.

Seagan diets should not be confused with Pescan diets which permit egg consumption
Apparently seagan diets are a hot new trend among Millenials looking to be health conscious and reduce their environmental impact
by IbreathAir May 9, 2022
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