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Sea strollers are people who manage to be as tall as the sea is deep at the position they currently are. Although this inordinate capability can be used at all times, the sea stroller's height online adapts when it pleases them. Sea strollers are especially appreciated by people endeavoring to travel through or over the sea. Those people traveling symbiotically with the sea stroller are usually referred to as "sea stroller accessories".
Akin to the sea strollers are pool strollers or lake strollers. However, while the sea stroller is also capable of adapting his height to the depth of a, say, pool, the pool stroller cannot do the same in the sea.
"Did you hear that Sarah travels to New York from Lisbon with a sea stroller?" – "yes, I heard she became a sea stroller accessory!"
by KKBBB August 13, 2011
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