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Australian slang, used in the wider Brisbane area.

A breed of bogan (white trash) indigenous to the southern moreton bay islands, known for extensive sea-based activities, usually in stolen watercraft. Slow witted and often foul smelling, sea bogans are easy to spot, wearing only shorts and barefoot, except in winter when a flanny (flannelet long sleeved button up shirt) is added to their apparel.
Catching the ferry to Russel Island is lame, its too packed with sea bogans
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a sea bogan is kinda like a bogan but on the water likes to drive boats that aren't really sea worthy but well fix the some dux tape and say to all his mates she'll be right.
you turn up at the boat ramp and the sea bogan is just putting the final bits of tape on you lauch the boat start the motor and it blows smoke every where and says it'll clear up soon but never does. while on the water you'll spend half the time out there either bailing the water out or fixing the motor.
by sea bogan August 05, 2006
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