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The sea peach is a rare underwater delicacy, enjoyed only on Flag-Day in the form of sea-peaches and cream. The sea peach is a dark gray color, resembling an oblong peach with a scaly exterior. Many sea peaches are found with warts growing out of various parts, and sometimes even eyes. It's leaves are always dark gray and wilting. It's unclear if the sea peach is a plant or a dead fish, as it resembles both and, in certain cases, contains bones.

The sea peach, when eaten, is grainy and melts in your mouth in the wrongest way possible. Much like an onion, when cutting a sea peach one's eyes will tear. The sea peach tastes much like sour milk. When mixed with cream, making sea peaches and cream, the sour milk taste is balanced out, and the delicacy tastes like 2% milk.
Johnny found an eye in his sea peaches-and-cream! He's the Flag Day King!

Svetlana, could you pass Sylvia the sea peach grey crayon? No, no, that one's ash-grey.
by bar2d2 April 05, 2012
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