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A scuttle fuck is a small group of individuals that fuck in tandem/ tag team. The act of scuttling is very difficult and requires immense skill and strength to retain the tandem fuck. The scuttle Fuck group usually consists of 5 - 10 people and consist of both males and females, the person in the back is scuttle initiator and the person in the front is called the scuttle master.
yo that party was packed there were like 5 scuttle fucks worth of people.
by SCUTTKLE MASTER September 13, 2016
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(noun) One who continues to casually hookup with someone after they know the other person has caught feelings.

(Verb) To casually hookup with someone

else who has openly caught feelings for you. To "scuttle off" after sex due to lack of interest in a long-term relationship.
(1) "She's such a Scuttlefuck, she only hooks up with you when you're drunk".

(2) "Make sure he has good intentions. He might be scuttlefucking you."
by TheOriginalAustin March 07, 2019
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A spastic and annoying younger teenage boy.
Guy 1: did you see what Zach did the other day at lunch?
Guy 2: yeah what a scuttlefuck.
by Leon Carmichael November 03, 2016
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