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The act by a scumpal of writing to and fawning over a murderer on death row.

Scumpallery is usually practiced by crazed Euroweenie women or, if by an American, those of a size that confirms they are Wal-Mart shoppers. Scumpals are firmly convinced their scumpalees are completely innocent of the crime for which they were duly convicted and sentenced, and thus worthy of their time and whatever monies the cons can scam out of them for their commissary accounts.

The crazier ones of this gathering of idiots occasionally fly across the ocean and actually marry the convict. A freezer bag-turkey baster child, whom we will all get to support via our tax dollars, is sometimes the result.
Chefmate, Joanna24, Pinbalwyz, and Hotsnot (the rare male of the breed) all have scumpals on death row, and are thus practitioners of "scumpallery."
by Hotsnot September 15, 2007
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