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(skhum-kok) A "Scumcock" is an noun that refers to a person whom is offensive or dispicable. Scumcocks can be identified by their foul-mouths, poor hygiene, disrespect for society and a general vibe of disgusting. Scumcocks are normally unaware of their repulsiveness and because of that, are very irritating. A scumcock is not to be trusted, hired, or left alone with children.
Did you see that guy in the jean jacket with a mullet blow his nose into his hands? What a fucking Scumcock!

Some Scumcock stole my car stereo!

You're a greasy Scumcock!
by Juicy.Jimbo.420 October 26, 2010
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a) A greasy mischievous man who can only lead to bad.

b) A French Man
"Who's this scum cock?"
by Sly Magoo October 01, 2003
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