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There is a place where people go when their significant other controls them, some call it Hell. The official term is Scrotum's End.

There are rumors of a man who is so whipped, you can hear the snaps and cracks from miles away. This man's name is unknown, but he is a very attractive young male who's life spiraled down hill when he met, The Troll. The Troll is a terrifying beast who suppresses their mate and grinds their hopes and dreams down to a fine paste.

Scrotum's End has existed since the late 40s, where scientists created a multidimensional portal. This portal was the entrance to Scrotum's End. Foolishly,the scientists entered, not expecting what to see on the other side. What they found was nothing seen by human eyes before. It was a world that predicted the future for all couples. It showed torturous scenes of overweight boyfriends/girlfriends riding the backs of their scrawny significant other. Their mate trying to hold them up, running out of air, and dying. The scientists, as shocked as they were, left this strange land. However, some felt guilty for leaving and decided to give Scrotum's End another chance. "Maybe it's not going to be as bad as last time," they said quietly to themselves as they walked back through the portal. The scientists who remained on the outside knew the fate of the other foolish scientists. They closed the portal, never allowing them to return with the tales of horrors that ensued on the inside.
Person A: "Wow, Jordan's girlfriend sure is controlling!"
Person B: "Yeah I know, Jordan's stuck in Scrotum's End..."
Person A: "That poor, poor man."
by Draaxxy January 30, 2015
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