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To neglect the shaft suring masterbation. This ancient Egyption masterbating technique originated in 743 BC when the Pharaoh noticed a large genital wart on the shaft of his penis. He wanted to let a load loose, but he was scared to touch his shaft after noticing the wart. So scroterbating was born! Here's how you do it:

1. Gently massage the bottom of your scrotum to induce an erection.
2. Once erect, the shaft will be out of the way. This allows for intimate 'hand-to-ball' stimulation.
3. This is a slow and gentle procedure, you can gently start massaging your scrotum using lube and toys, if you like.
4. Eventually the sensation will grow to an almost orgasmic feeling, your scrotum will swell up and turn a reddish-purple colour (like a plum).

5. Don't be scared! This is normal, at this point you should simply focus on the area just below the base of the shaft. Do this for 15-25 seconds.
6. After at least 15 seconds of stimulation below the shaft, squeeze your scrotum and bust like the champ you know you are. (keep in mind that you're going to get yogurt everywhere, this is a male g-spot orgasm).
Man my boyfriend was scroterbating while I was sleeping last night, he got yogurt all over me!
by Brewha December 29, 2010
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