"I walked in on my parents doing it last week, and immediately started scromiting up the dinner my mother had prepared, with the very same hands she was preparing my father with."
by scromiting April 30, 2009
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The act of screaming and vomiting at the same time.
"When I remembered my essay was due in an hour, I felt like I was going to scromit."
by Yeehaw Thanos June 17, 2019
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Med: Vociferous disgorge; clamorous regurgitation.

Lit: screaming vomit; wailing upchuck.

Root: Yick/Chunderwaul - Early Ryanism
"When she took off her dress and told me her name was Barry - that's when I scromited."

He scromited when he found out it was called Placenta Pie.

by Johnderondon August 4, 2008
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When you are vomiting noise only and it sounds similar to a cat screaming
He had some much marijuana in the last four decades he is now in the ED waiting room scromiting.
by ERforLIFE April 29, 2023
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