To loudly ejaculate whilst aroused with no sexual contact
“Bro did you hear me after you said that, I just scremed so hard
by DGPB4L December 12, 2020
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The feeling of extreme internal anguish and annoyance experienced when you or your friends overuse memes, this may be vocalised or not
That thug life video on my newsfeed made me screme last night
by thebigpinkwhiteguy May 25, 2015
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a funny polite person who was inspired by an anime and began role-playing as deku in the bnha universe
hey have you heard of screming hero? who's that? oh he's a kid who role-playing as an anime character called deku and he's funny and has hilarious content on tik tok!!
by mxchi June 29, 2021
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