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In the coal region of northeastern Pennsylvania, many home owners have a habit of creating a "showcase" room. It contains the finest and most expensive furniture in the home. This room is completely off limits with the rare exception of entertaining guests on very special occasions.

Scranton Rooms are meant to confuse company. They feel that one neat and finely furnished room will make up for the rest of their home being kept in total disarray. They also hope this one room will make others think they are more successful or refined than they actually are.

Scranton rooms are very similar to Italian rooms, but not limited to a particular ethnic background. Perhaps the large amount of Italian immigrants in the Scranton, Pennsylvania area helped make this a trend popular throughout the area.
Toddler: "Mommy, mommy! My ball just rolled into the other room!"
Mother: "Just leave it there! You KNOW you are never allowed in the Scranton room!"

When father's boss from the coal mine came to dinner, we entertained him in our Scranton room.
by Joey "the nose" Uccello September 13, 2009
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