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ScramX is the pseudonym of a man who was a member of Communist Minecraft server and Discord channel "the Motherland". He became a meme on the server for his perceived English nationalism, ultrazionism, and general toxicity. Submemes of ScramX include "Scram Moment", where someone says/does something similar to ScramX, and "Scramism", a joke Communist sub-ideology taking partial inspiration from Maoism that deifies "Eternal Chairman ScramX" (exact title varies) and perpetuates a "cult" of his beliefs, perhaps by accident. Making jokes about the ScramX meme is referred to as "Scramposting".
1. "Glory to Chairman ScramX!"
2. "Bruh, that's a Scram Moment right there."
3. "We must uphold the ideology of Scramism!"
4. "Stop Scramposting, the meme isn't even funny..."
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by Comrade Commissar August 13, 2019
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