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A prototype of the Light Line Trucks division of International's family of Scouts, planned for release in 1983 (as the Scout II was to remain in production until 1982.5), that failed to advance further than the third stage of design before International dropped the Light Line division and split into groups.
"I honestly believe that 90% of GM's x-amount of dollars spent "... on research and development... ", is what they pay people to dig through other companies' garbage dumpsters for failed drawings, and digging up advertisements, including pamphlets mailed to shareholders of rival companies to find designs that possibly haven't been patented.

Point in case would be:
1) The Viper's debut was delayed 1 year because GM stole the front clip/grille design off one of two choices shown to Dodge shareholders in a pamphlet released privately, regarding the future of Iaccoca's dream car. Dodge was asking it's shareholders which drawing/design they preferred. Not long after the Formula 350 was unveiled, sporting an inverted copy of the original viper grille.

2) Pontiac Aztec. That thing looks like an aborted design for a 1980s tank, or an AMC Eagle stretched to the size of a Scout... wait, it looks almost identical to the Scout III prototype!!!"
by AmerIHCan May 08, 2010
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