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A Scot who is not ashamed to stand up and be counted!
A supporter of Full Scottish Independence and as for that Retard Mr flible with his, 'beardy jock' comments,well does that not just show the rest of the world just how Arrogant and Xenophobic they are? I mean everybody Hates England! jusn click on the link and see for yourself!The Sun set on the British Empire a Long Time ago and now it Scotland's time for Autonomy ,eventually they will be all on on their own,as long as they keep Tony Blair we be happy!
I am a Scottish Nationalist and I love My Country also I am not Racist or Xenophobic, I have had many English Friends and Have got no Problem With the English in General I just want Fairness and Freedom.
oh and i don't have a Beard!
by Libertine! July 11, 2006
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A bitter and twisted, usually bigoted, denizen of Scotland (a.k.a. North Albania) who still lives in the 14th Century. A Scottish Nationalist will often contend that his country has "the English jackboot" on its neck, when in reality, Scotland is a nation full of workshy freeloaders, content to pick up their giro and get wasted on Buckfast. "Jackboot on the neck"? No, more like Scottish lips welded to the English nipple, and sucking furiously.
"Shall I go to work today? No I dinnae have to. I'm a Scottish nationalist, and the bl**dy English will pay my giro"
by Grim^Reaper October 11, 2007
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a beardy jock who thinks that england is persecuting scotland, despite the fact that we have been propping up their shitty little country for years.
big country, population less than london. Hmm yes, I can see how that would be financialy viable
gee us oor independance ya sasanach barstad.
with pleasure, we'll save millions
by Mr Flibble April 20, 2004
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