By definition we are nutters and have a accent nobody but us can do.

Ya ken my wee pal drove 250 miles for a 100% sugar Irn Bru.
To others a Scottish Person does nothing but drink beer
by An anonymous scottish person October 15, 2019
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Scottish people are the coolest people in the uk they are also the coolest people in the whole world
person- hello where are you from?
Scottish person- am from the best country in the world.
person- ohh your from scotland.
by Slaybaddiequeen August 23, 2022
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White Skinned
Extremly Short girls
average height males
Girls are either stunning or look like a guy with a wig
did you see the new scottish person?
nah hes to short
by jesuschristbff March 26, 2017
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When you have the magical ability to do multiple Scottish voices, ranging from Team Fortress 2 to Austin Powers to Shrek.
Jerry: What's up with Bob McLock?
Steven: He has Multiple Scottish Personality Disorder. One moment he's 500lbs, then he's reminiscing about Onions and farting non stop, or charging people with a Claymore and eye-patch, all while blasting bag pipe music.
by I am related to Chuck Norris August 20, 2022
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