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A washed up small dick white fat man from Allentown, PA. He lures underage and or young women between the ages of 12-26 into his house. Either by candy, money or buying them shit because he is a pityful washed up momma's boy. Do not fall for his I wanna be friends trick. He will eventually hold something over your head or threaten you to stay in his life. Thankfully God gave him a 1 inch penis so it gives his victims time to escape before he attempts to rape them. He also hires prostitute's and brags about that, so he may alot of STDs. He also abuses his wife that lives in another country because no one can stand him longer than a day. Avoid at all costs do not engage in conversations he will try to abuse you.
Your 1 inch pinch is Scott-Acker?
by Fuk Scott-Acker January 20, 2017
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