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1.When a person says maybe, yes, or no then that person is not serious, therefore that person is "scott serious." This is when the person thinks he or she is serious but really isn't.

2. unable to make decision for self.

3.temporary or permanently loose all of your common sense
Example 01:
Friend A: Dude, I can't decide if I should go to her party or not.
Friend B: Man, you are being scott serious.

Example 02:
Friend A: Hey guys, imma go with u guys.
----5 mins later----
Friend A: Hey nvm, im not going anymore
----5 mins later----
Friend A: Actually, imma go with u guys.

Example 03:
Friend A: Hey u wanna go to the party tonight?
Friend B: Give me 1 hour to decide.
----1 hour later-----
Friend A: Give me another 15 mins.....
by DjPhoMeals May 03, 2012
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