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An Irish ethnic group which ultimately traces its roots back to Scotland. The majority of the Scots-Irish people in America live in the Appalachian Mountain Range and these people have played a large role in American history from the Whiskey Rebellion, Civil War, to 17 different US Presidents being of Scots-Irish origin.
"Anyone who insults the Scots-Irish people insults America." -Nick Fantasia
by David A Smith November 03, 2006
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The first rednecks to America, creaters of North Carolina, and some of the most ill-tempered people one has ever met. They are not really Irish, but moved to Ireland for a short time before moving to America, so basically they are rejected Scottish people. Not really some people to be messed with in general.
John: Wow that guy is a real Scots-Irishman
Bob: Yeah, he is a real redneck.
by Jamie Mac October 24, 2005
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