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Scope Jack occurs when a project, idea or thesis becomes all jacked up. Scope Jack typically occurs when a project, idea or thesis is clearly defined across all parties but Force Majeure or other unseen entities conspire to destroy or otherwise "jack up" the project, idea or thesis beyond all recognition of the undestood definition.
A project has been clearly defined and is all but complete when the Project Manager dies in a firey plane crash over the South Pacific. A new Project Manager is assigned to oversee the final stages of the aforementioned project. The new Project Manager decides that the original scope of work must be completely overhauled and the project, even though almost complete, must be halted, dismanteled, a new definition decided upon and begun anew. At this point the project is said to have suffered severe "Scope Jack". This normally causes the new Project Manager to be sent on a flight over the South Pacific by his or her employers to some obscure and barely known conference in a country not found on any known map.
by Barad_Dur March 24, 2011
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